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Every day we receive many requests from dog owners, desperately searching for an answer to all types of allergies. In nearly all cases these take the form of itching, licking, wet eczemas and related complaints.

These severe problems could cause serious damage to the dog's health, both physically and mentally. For this reason, it is important to tackle them at the root.
Due to years of experience and an overwhelming success with dogs of all breeds, we have succeeded in developing a special feeding combination which serves as a complete food on the one hand and eliminates allergies on the other hand.

For this to succeed, however, it is vital that the dog suffering from a disease receives no additional "treats" such as pig's ears, rumen, bull pizzles, different sorts of dog biscuits, vitamins, bread with liver sausage, cheese, sausage, scraps from the table, eggs, etc. as a consolation or for any other reason.

Only if you observe this very important rule will we be able to assist you and your dog. Otherwise, the effect of our special feeding blend will be lost. As a rule, first results occur after about 6-8 weeks.
However, around 3 months is more likely. Bald spots on the skin (eczemas) need more time for regeneration, of course, as first there has to be new hair growth.

The feeding combination should be fed to your dog twice daily.
You'll find a more detailed and easily understandable feeding recommendation at the bottom of this page.
The quantities mentioned here are estimates based on practical experiences and may be adjusted to the individual requirements of your dog after some days of feeding. You can switch over to our products immediately and without any difficulty.
Of course, the feeding combination mentioned above is also suitable for young dogs and puppies suffering from allergies. We have already had great success with these age groups, too.
If your dog is not eating at all or only reluctantly, it is possible to feed a small amount of our special canned food (made from 97% natural, fresh and lean beef) as a supplement. This portion should be restricted to approximately 1-2 tablespoons per meal. Köbers "Canned food for dogs" is available in cans of 400g and 800g.

Try our tried and tested combinations!
We were able to help dogs that were already given up by the veterinarians!

Köbers Supermix GJ in combination with Köbers light(Diätfutter) and Köbers Kräuter aus der Natur and as a light "snack "between meals" Köbers Leckerchen.

Our tried and tested feeding combination for many years, suitable for sensitive skin and to combat itching and further coat problems.

You'll not only be enthusiastic, but also convinced!